June 14, 2021


In the subcontinent, a time period has been used DOWRY. What is dowry? Is it so necessary? Is it now not a curse?


DOWRY ability these GIFTS & PRESENTS which are given by means of a Father or a Guardian to his daughter at the time of her marriage. At the time of the daughter’s marriage, the mother and father of the bride provide steeply-priced jewelry, Household things, and high-priced clothes in the structure of dowery. In historic instances, it used to be viewed as a type of assist to the newlyweds to set up their personal domestic due to poverty. Mostly it was once paid in Kind & no longer in Cash as the existing System prevails now. The Gifts had been given Voluntarily & barring any demand or pressure.
Now day through the day this time period is developing and dowry additionally consisted of TV, Refrigerator, Air conditioner, Microwave, Car or Motorcycle, and every so often banglow. Now the query is, Is it a present from the mother and father or oppression on the parents? There is no justification for it, Dowry is oppression.

Concept of Dowry in Islam

In Islam, there is no thought of dowry. In all Islamic societies, it is obligatory for the groom earlier than marriage to prepare a separate residence and prepare all family things. Also, The groom has to pay “HAQ MEHR” to the bride. Haq Mehr is a duty groom who pays it in the shape of cash or possessions.
Mahr is usually distinctive in the marriage contract signed at some stage in the marriage. It is proper for each bride what she needs to take from her husband in the shape of Mehr.
Now the query is that society the place the residence and different matters are the groom’s legal responsibility from the place this curse entered in the Muslims of the subcontinent?
The Muslims of the subcontinents lived with Hindus and the human beings of different religions heaps of years and nevertheless residing in India and some different countries. So the Muslims have adopted some customs of different religions. Dowry is additionally one of them.

In Pakistan ritual of dowry is solely in Punjab and Sindh.But the groom and his household hardly ever demand dowry openly, this does no longer imply that they are free from this curse.
Even Educated dad and mom to count on their Daughter In-Laws to convey Dowry in Shape of a Costly Car, Bungalow, Land in a posh place & Even heavy Cash is Deposited in Banks earlier than marriage now not to speak of Feast to hundreds, etc, etc. They use the Dowry System as a shortcut to be wealth and to get many things in the form of dowry at once.

Dowry Condition in India.

we see in India including all communities the people demand dowry. In many cases they Torture Daughter in Laws for not bringing enough dowry. If their demands are not met, they kill the bride. without thinking that their own daughter might also meet the same Fate.
According to the report of The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).states that in 2015, as many as 7,634 women died in the country due to dowry harassment. Twenty-one dowry deaths are reported across the country every day. .Now, this figure many times has been increased  The conviction rate, however, is less than 35 percent.
          There is a LEGISLATION in almost all countries to STOP GIVING & ACCEPTING DOWRY, yet the SYSTEM is not practically applicable & non-existent.
           The parents and relatives should indeed equip with some household the new couple. But little stuff according to their status. It is the personal matter that parents give to their daughter. They should not tell the people what they are giving.


In the educated community of sub-continent Its also seen now the dowry taking ritual seems in a less-educated community. Now the educated community wants to marry the girl who does a good job. Preferred to women in government jobs. Now age may not be taken into account. The drawback of this is not a suitable man married to a less-educated noble girl or the girl who doesn’t earn.


  1. Parents of the groom think it an easy way to be rich.
  2. The main reason is greed.
  3. They want to receive the cost of expenditure which they spent on their education and other things.
  4. The rate of females is growing up so the parents of the bride have to give dowry to get a good option.
  5. The less educated girls are not accepted by educated boys so dowry is an opportunity. The boy marries in the lure of dowry.