March 7, 2021
Child Counseling

Child counselling and mental health

The emergence of the child counseling and mental health movement at the end of the nineteenth century had a direct impact on child psychology. Biographers and Hall and those in charge of children’s institutes aimed to correct existing educational errors and did not reach the discovery of general principles of growth and learning that are valid for all children. As for the child counseling movement and mental health It has been interested in discovering general principles of growth and learning, as well as taking into account individual differences between children, as they are an important aspect of the study of child development.

History of Child Counselling.

In the late nineteenth century, with the confirmation of the view that man is an advanced link in the animal chain, the human approach worked to shed a new light on disturbed behavior, as the rejection of the sanctity of man and the refusal to return his turmoil to the first sin led to the search for the causes of turmoil in the human environment, and he considered disorder as a disease that can be cured. Freud seriously contributed to establishing that view, and his ability to cause apparent diseases in the body (such as paralysis caused by psychological conflict) was a vivid explanation to explain the causes of neurotic diseases.

Freud’s works added great impetus to the human reform movement in both Europe and America, so Whitmer opened the first psychological clinic in University of Pennsylvania in 1896 at the time The same in which he was working on his mental trajectory to sort out those we call the retarded of the mind, and the prizes between him published in 1905 and 1908 gave a new impetus to the mental Rose Movement, which today is a clinical approach to diagnosis. Research methods in the field of psychology, as Hills gave in his clinic he founded in 1915 for delinquents in the city of Chicago the personalized evidence of the reciprocal function of the psychiatric clinic. So curative is based The psychologist who adopts the rewards and the social assistant in consultation with the family of the delinquent to write a biography of the case, while the psychiatrist performs the treatment and soon the many clinics that were opened between 1920 and 1930 with the help of specialists followed the example of Hills Clinic.

Child Counseling

The Child Counseling Movement reported its focus on general principles of growth in mitigating the strong impact of the corrective approach that characterized the hills ‘children’s institutes. The clinicians were interested in the totality of the child, that is, the psychology of personality and their writings dealt with personality theories in how specific events lead to specific outcomes and the clinics’ association with universities led to Putting students in the arena of conflict between the corrective and comprehensive theories and the aforementioned┬áconflict still exists to this day.

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