February 23, 2021

Teacher ‘s role as a Researcher.

The term teacher as researcher is not new its really means in the work with children. It provide the teachers professional skills. For a teacher research is a promising vehicle to reach the destination of opening the doors of knowledge and good understanding.

Teacher as Researcher

Mostly the people think that by this term teacher as researcher as being curious and as part of the process of observing and documenting when observing children for a while.By talking to parents or other teachers or putting something out for the kids to explore, a different kind of material that might get at the same idea of learning or maybe give them a different idea that will help answer the questions that a teacher have.

Observing Approaches.

Observational research typically happens in the users’ home, workplace, or natural environment and not in a lab or controlled setting.

With this research, you can understand how people naturally interact with products and people and the challenges they face.It can provide inspiration and ideas for opportunities for improvement and innovation.While it may seem like observation is as simple and uniform as watching and taking notes

Observing Approaches and documenting with a curious mind and thinks of research as part of this process of formulating questions about the meaning of what a teacher is seeing. A Teacher reminds us that she/He uses several strategies to try to get answers to her/His questions.

Teacher talks to the children’s parents and explores their thinking about observations. Teacher asks co-workers to offer their perspectives.She/He offers additional materials and observes more often to see how the children use the materials. Teacher listens to a story about how research might look in her everyday practice.

Observation of behavior during their games and study and the interaction with their fellows and teachers give the answers of many questions.Observation is very effective tool of research and a teacher use Direct Observation Tool instead of indirect Observation and get first hand knowledge.

As a teacher researcher, you aren’t looking for the right answer but seeking to understand more. Researchers engaged in a cycle of observation that looks something like this. Teacher as Researcher observe and document children’s play and investigations, and then from your study of your documentation and consultation with others researcher make a guess, a hypothesis, about what the children’s intent might be.

He decide and expect to try his hypothesis, and then continue that observation documentation cycle.

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