March 7, 2021

The miracle of Water Sprang Zam Zam?

What is the story of Zam Zam Water?

                     The traditional monotheism story of Zamzam water recounts how Allah provides water to Prophet Ibrahim’s mate Hajra for her son, Prophet Ismail. Abraham AS left his mate and son within the arid deserts of what’s nowadays Makkah to meet Allah’s commands. The warmth caused young Ismail AS extreme discomfort. 

                   So during a desperate plan to notice water for her son, Bibi Hajra ran seven times between the hills of Safa and Marwah. Therefore once Ismail AS got terribly thirsty, he began scraping his heels and by the miracle of Allah, a water spring rose. 

         In some versions, Allah sent angel Jibrail United Nations agency kicked the bottom and a spring came out.On that day Hazrat Hajira started to cover the flowing water with sand using her hand.

                May our Lord have mercy on Mother of Ismail(A.S). If at all she had left water flow then this overflow would have turned flood.Therefore Either version, this water spring is termed Zamzam.

                 An example from holy ages that is never paused even once and never ceased. A refreshing drink that is sunnah- Its soo crystal, clear and transparent. It doesn’t only cool’s your chest but also counts to be an act of significant worship. drinking holy water not only restores physical health but also cleans spirituality and soul. It is not just holy miraculous water, 

What is Zam Zam Water?

                        Whenever pilgrims return after Hajj and Umrah from Mecca or Medina…. Pilgrims usually take Zam Zam water back to their homeland along with gifts. No doubt Zam Zam is a gift to mankind and it is been given to people along with dates. The pilgrims distribute to all Muslim relatives. 

                 .          It is also the symbol of love and Glory of Lord Almighty. It washes away internal heart stains and illuminates and brightens up your soul. The water suffices hunger craving and quenches thirst. “Ohh Zam Zam, what can describe your eminence you are alive as as a holy mark of greatness”

 Where is Zam Zam Water From 

                   The miraculous water is 21 mt away from Kabaa Sharif in Saudia Arabia. The water gushes from 2 sides one from the Kaaba Shareef and the other from the side of the mountain Jabal Kabooz .If we notice, though it is called a “water well” unlike any ordinary “water well” where land is dug to extract water

                The formation of this holy water well is through the flow of water from two sides means to say the flow of water accumulates to a place forming water well. MashaAllah this is the Zam-zam well Always pure, clear, and crystal clear. so clean untouched by air or any impurities like ordinary water. 

Is Zam Zam Source of Water?

                   Approximately 18.50 ltr water generated per second The height of this holy well is only 31 meters. The journey of holy water reaching to public initiates with these seen huge motor pumps. Which works throughout the clock i.e, 24 hours As per the special project of “King Abdullah bin Aziz”

               Through a specified pipeline. so that the authenticity of water can be retained. cleanliness and maintained until it reaches people. 

                 let move further to understand how water reached Medina city daily bases. Yes, with the help of these tankers water is transported. Their tankers are taken with the utmost care, well sealed. 

             The Key of these tankers is only with a trusted official at Medina. when it comes to quantity- around 1.5 lakh liters on average have been transported to the Mosque of our beloved Prophet(S.A.W)- Medina. And when it comes to the peak of the holy months like Ramzan or Hajj; around 4 lakhs liter of miraculous water is supplied. Further with the advancement of science and technology. 

              Water supply is monitored with the help of advanced programming. These coolers are used both in Masjid E Haram and Nabawi. around 40000 litres are placed at designated spots in mosques. These coolers are sent to spots with help of seen electrical vehicles.

              Around every cooler placed you will find disposable plastic cups. ensure hygiene and safe health of pilgrims. As you are aware these are uses and throw cups- As per the survey, approximately around 20 lakhs cups are used each day. These coolers as well are locked and well maintained so that water within these containers are protected, 

                Spots placed easily accessible to pilgrims are kept, Also this spot with multiple taps Zamzam water for pilgrims to quench thirst Taps- where the public can fill and take it home, So on-screen you can see workers carrying water internally. to the places coolers are not placed- serving crowds with intent pilgrims don’t struggle to access water. eg: Tawaaf place is usually crowded… and ppl need not leave tawaaf to get water   each day

 Potentially Harmful Bacteria     

                    100 samples are collected and tested. and helps to maintain the quality of water. This enables to check if in case any impurities or bacteria This is factory established as per project King Abdullah bin Abdul Azeez

               This was established in 2010, 4 km away from Kaaba shareef and within the limits of Mecca city. The project intends to make water available to the public with no hindrances. 

            In this project quality of water is taken utmost care as all the process is automatic. These bottle are washed with ordinary water and filled with zam zam later- This is all done automatic with no human involvement also as per project they have constructed Godown which is spacious enough to save 1.5 lakh units of 10 ltr water To get these bottle automatic- 

            A Barcode system is introduced. wherewith the help of a barcode you can get a bottle from the machine with zero intervention from humans. These are those fortunate workers, who strive to make holy water easily accessible to pilgrims-

Hadith of Holy Prophet (S A W ) about Zam Zam Water .

                       In the name of Allah, Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.It was narrated that Jabir bin ‘Abdullah said:

“I heard the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) say: ‘The water of Zamzam is for whatever it is drunk for.’”

     The Prophet Muhammad ( Peace Be Upon Him) said:

“The best water on the surface of the earth is that of Zamzam. In it there is a food for the hungry and a cure for the ill”.

[Al-Mu’jam Al-Kabeer: 11004]

                                      Indeed Zamzam has such unique properties due to which it is considered holy water, Because of such properties of Zamzam,

Modern Science and Zam Zam Water.

                     Now science admires the holy water. Recently, science has discovered new secrets of Zamzam. Many researchers noticed how the recitation of the holy Quran over Zamzam affects it. 

             Not only Zamzam every water of the world has emotions. According to scientific research, The verces of Quran has a great impact on even ordinary water.

                In this regard,Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto has unique Experience He said:

“He read in a book that every snowflake falling from the sky has a unique shape, But he considered, scientifically this concept is completely wrong.

Because the geometrical shape of any crystal depends on the chemical properties of the compound and regardless of the source of the water sample. It’s every molecule consist of 2 Hydrogen and one Oxygen atom

                Many scientists determined to prove this theory wrong For this purpose, he established a laboratory consisting of a deep freezer and a regulator, Because in order to achieve the crystal of any liquid the liquid must be cooled gradually.

The miracle of Zam Zam Water

                You can not get crystals by sudden cooling. So that crystal is complete Dr. Emoto turned a room into a deep freezer having the temperature of minus seven Celcius. And researchers attached microscopes having cameras. The purpose of the camera is to capture the geometrical shape of the crystal. The lab crew wore warm clothes as the temperature of the lab was extremely low.

                 He said:

“I took samples from two faucets in the laboratory, I crystallized them, and each sample gave me a different snowflake. Both the specimens were taken from different reservoirs Both are from different rivers and wells. I almost went crazy and thought this was witchcraft.”

                 A Saudi student at the University of Tokyo happened to meet him. He asked me to perform the experiment over  Zamzam. Zamzam water is not affected by witchcraft By using this you can prove this theory true or false. 

                 He said “I couldn’t crystallize it, even by diluting the water by 1,000.”

In other words, he turned one cubic centimeter into one liter. He said that when he diluted the water by 1,000 and froze it, he got a uniquely-shaped crystal. Two crystals formed, one on top of the other, but they assumed a unique form.

              Masaru Emoto said: “My Muslim colleague offered to recite Quranic verses over the water. He brought a tape-recorder and played some Quranic verses, and we got the most perfectly-shaped crystals. Then he played the 99 names of Allah (The Almighty). Each name produced a uniquely-shaped crystal When Dr. Emoto completed these experiments, which lasted 15 years,

                   Masaru Emoto published a book called “Messages from Water“.

Masaru Emoto Wrote “I have proven that that peculiar liquid, is capable of thinking, fathoming, feeling, getting excited, and expressing itself.” The quality/purity of Zamzam water has not to be found anywhere else in the water on this earth.Dr, used the technology named NANO and researched a lot on Zamzam water.

Dr. Emoto found out that, if one drop of Zamzam water is mixed in 1000 drops of regular water, regular water will get the same quality as Zamzam water. 

               Emoto also found that a mineral in one drop of Zamzam water has its own importance that will not find any other water on this earth.

Masaru Emoto also found in some tests, the quality or ingredients of Zamzam water can not change. he re-cycled the Zamzam water, but it was still pure.

Effects of Verses of the Quran on water.

He says that after saying BISMILLAH on regular water, there are some strange changes that happened in the quality of regular water. That makes it the best water.

He also found out, if someone recites the Quran on regular water, He learned the ability for the treatment of different diseases.

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  1. Very nicely described Madam G…..The Zamzam has never been known to have gone dry. … Add to this the quantity of its inexhaustible water that is bottled, as also the quantity that is taken away as gifts and distributed worldwide to millions, and we definitely have a miracle of a well in Zamzam…..

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