June 14, 2021

Meaning of Obesity and Remedies

Obesity meaning

  Various problems happen because of obesity. To learn more about your problems to know whats wrong with your body and how you can set it right,the various problems that can beset your body if you are overweight or obese.Here we will discuss successful weight control tips and tricks.

Side Effects of Obesity

 Let me start by telling you that the number of people who die every minute across the world due to cigarette smoking is exactly one fourth the number that who die every minute because of obesity This fact that obesity kills four times as many people as smoking was released by the world health organization Now how does obesity kill people in such large proportions. 

There is a health risk factor of fat, Fat may cause of    cancers, some of the commonest cancers in the world like Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Esophageal Cancer or Gullet Cancer and Pancreas Cancer are much commoner  in the fat or obese group than in the nonobese group

 This is very very common in people who are fat. There is a high incidence of Lung Failures and this is one of the commonest causes of death in obese people when they are admitted to hospitals. Fractures of bones, when a combination, the unholy duo of obesity and thin bones is a very very common complication and often times a factor that leads one directly to the death of the patient

statistically people who are more than 15 kilograms above their ideal body weight have a much higher chance or risk of requiring replacement of their knees or replacement of their hips, during which time they could develop another complication thats very common in fat people, namely, Deep Vein Thrombosis or clotting in the veins of the legs This could then lead to a horrible condition called Pulmonary Embolism which is also a common cause of death 

 Thus, heart death, lung death, brain death, kidney death, bone death and cancer death all these causes, increase causes of mortality or causes of death are much commoner in the obese population and this is the array of diseases that you could be subject to if you are obese

Metabolism boosters “are the holy grails of weight loss

Metabolism boosters.

people to invest their money in extracts for their “mega metabolism-boosting capability.”There are certain foods that will boost your metabolism momentarily like coffee or chili spices,

 but the change is so small that it would never have an impact on your waistline.

 Metabolism boosters won’t burn your body fat, but they will burn your money.

Weight management is only possible by healthy eating.Successful weight is only according to height and age.

 You can “blast away your belly fat” by going on a diet or taking supplements. “Add these to your diet to get rid of your Heart disease , high blood pressure and for all.”

Certain supplements can help you lose weight. “Supplements: those simple, safe, no prescription required pills and potions that can blast your fat, kill your cravings…” Garcinia cambotia, raspberry ketones, green coffee bean supplements –

  Most of these supplements have not been properly studied in people and some have actually never studied in humans. They are all studies generally so small and flawed by design there’s no way to know whether they actually work. And let’s face it, if there was a fat buster in a bottle, we wouldn’t have an obesity problem.

 For that we have to understand what all it causes from head to foot. Lets begin at the head level.

They have a high incidence of strokes or Cerebrovascular Accidents causing them to be paralysed either one half hemiplegic or even worse Patients who are obese also have a high incidence of heart attacks or Coronary Vascular Events The average heart event in a patient who is obese is three to four times as frequent  as in a non obese counterpart. 

Ginger is effective fat cutter

A good diet plan carries health benefits.

food that comes out of the ground looking the way it looks when you eat it that’s not been processed, with some physical activity.

 Most of weight loss, I believe, is about the food choices you make. Most of keeping your weight low is about the physical activity you engage in.”

    Effective Foods to cut body Fat.

              Apple cider vinegar is a lovely alternative to lemon and superb to cut belly fat, for your hair, for your skin. So they can have this in the morning? Absolutely! Instead of lemon water. So ACV with honey and a little red chili powder. Because cayenne pepper is known to induce weight loss. How do you measure it?

 Apple cider vinegar 1 teaspoon which is 5 ml, honey could just be 1/2 teaspoon and red chilli powder could just be a pinch. 

An alternative to ACV Cinnamon water, Cumin Seeds water, methi seeds, ajwain water all this would come into and you get all this in your kitchen. Everything is available in your kitchen. I think cumin seeds (zeera)is one spice which is superb and hidden in South Asian kitchens everywhere,

         everywhere I am sure. It’s so common if we have a stomach upset the first thing that we do is have ajwain and Zeera water. Definitely and spices do lead to weight loss So Zeera is superb for weight loss.

       So you get these in powder and tablets but yes powder is very essential because it gives you all the nutrition that you 


Chia seeds are effective for weight loss

            chia seeds are superb for weight loss and surprisingly have three times more calcium than milk. So a lot of vegans, vegetarians there who don’t want to have milk, have chia seeds. You can have chia water, you can make so many desserts with chia seeds. Chia seed in Milk and Falooda is commonly used in South Asia its an amazing dessert.

Ginger is effective fat cutter 

commonly used in Asian food use it dry powder or fresh piece of ginger or take its tea.

Healthy food does not mean extra fats and rich oily food it means food according to the body’s needs. Healthy eating habits prevent obesity.

High protein diets are very essential for the body . Try to use egg white in the form of protein its 100% Protein Egg white is consists of Albumin its pure protein. There are also side effects of Protein.

 Turmeric tea to get flat belly in just five days 

       it is really possible to lose belly fat in five days. It can lose three-four inches of your waist. To make turmeric tea, Take 1/4 teaspoon mix boiling water in it and use it as tea.

Be conscious in taking calories per day

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  1. It is a life style disorder and most disscussionable topic in todays world…Basically our eating habbits got changed bcoz of modernisation of every aspect of our life…Regular use of Ginger, Garlic, Pure honey,Lemon, Zeera, are very much benificial to decrease obesity…Fasting plays a vital role in decreasing obesity….

  2. Our lifestyle has been changed, food habits have been changed,,we are living in this mechanical era,our life is easy and comfortable ,we don’t pay attention on balanced diet,obesity is the big problem in these days .shazia your tips and suggestions are useful and beneficial for all types of obesity because it is natural cure.

  3. Always remember that the effectiveness of any product including the best apple cider vinegar pills can vary depending on the person who is taking it. Try to get unbiased advice so that you can be confident that your efforts are going to be effective in helping you rid yourself of your back pain.

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