June 14, 2021

The Nature of Educational Research

  Concept of Research

                Educational Research keeps a fundamental position in Educational progress or development. Since how man has taken birth, he faced a lot of problems. He made different attempts to find solutions to these continuous problems. An endeavor to overcome these problems is called research.

                 Dictionaries describe it as ,   Careful research or inquiry endeavor to discover new ideas by scientific study and a course of critical investigations etc.Research is unending research for truth. It brings to light new knowledge and ideas .It corrects previous errors and misconceptions. It is a better effort to collect, information to analyze it, to put it together for evaluation. It is a careful search for solutions to the problems that plague and puzzle the mankind.


        Change in behavior and attitude in human being.


       Literacy means to enable a human to read and write.

Definitions of Educational Research


Van Dalen

                      Research is a careful search to discover new ideas by scientific methods.


       A systematic investigation to find answers to a problem.

L.R Gay

         Research is formal, systematic, intensive application of the scientific method to study the problems.

J.W Best

        Research is an intellectual activity which brings to light new knowledge, correct previous errors and misconceptions an adds in an orderly way to exiting corpus of knowledge.

Clifford Woody

         Research is careful inquiry in seeking facts or principles a diligent investigation to ascertain something.


          Research is an activity to develop behavioral institutions to achieve goals by most effective method.

George G. Mouly

Research is systematic and scholarly application of the scientific method to solve the educational problems.

Need for the research      Or   Why we conduct research in the field of education

         Education I essential for providing useful and dependable knowledge through which the process of education can be made more effective. Various considerations emphasize the needs of research in education and given below.

Inter-Disciplinary Subject

     Education is based on conceptual frame of theory . Education has strong roots in psychology, philosophy, sociology, history and economics etc. These various fields have a great impact on education and its theories.

Education is considerable as a science.

         Education deals with the human being. Human behavior and mind are its main subject. The child’s growth and development is another area of education psychology. Thus the education and psychology are considered as behavioral science and we can consider education as science.

Memorization of Education

      UNESCO has motto EFA (Education for all). We have to research some sort of knowledge through educational research. We want to get Different ways of knowledge for expansion of education. According to some source, literacy rate of Pakistan in 53% to 57% now days. We have to increase education on quantitative as well as qualitative basis by increasing quantity of teachers/ Schools/ Students and quality of the education.

Changing Concept of Education

         In this age the concept of education has changed. It has become most important for human development. According to UNESCO developed countries are 9% of their budget for education, Western countries 14/0 whereas Pakistan is \allocating only 2.4% of te budget. Now education has many kinds in its nature i.e. formal education, non-formal education. On- line education (Virtual University) and distance education (Open University)

Rapid Scientific and Technological Advancement

           Research enhanced the knowledge of technology. By using scientific method Different discoveries taken place. Computer, Tv, Internet, Fax, telephone are different technological advancement due to research.

Education and Productivity

            Education plays an important role to make a person productive and skillful an society when a person becomes skillful the automatically becomes productive .Metric is terminal stage in Pakistan .It provides basics to higher education and makes a person productive one.

Research is Needed to Keep Out of Fixed Track

Education and Productivity

         Research is useful in changing our attitude about our concepts. It is essential to change the conservative approach about societies .It gives us opportunity to adopt new things. Due to research many diseases are care able now and different previous problems have fully solved.

Admission of children in primary level is  66%

High Drop Out Rate

After Primary level it remains only 33%

After Middle it remains only 25%

After metric it remains only 11%

After college it remains only 2% After higher education only 0.2%

We should have to find the factors creating this problem and those factors only be solved through research.

Educational Research In My View.

Educational research is a very important field because it’s essential that educational policy and practice are evidence-based. So we all have an interest and investment in the field and its one which policymakers are concerned about as well as practitioners. But the problem of talking about educational research is that it’s a huge and diverse field. It’s diverse in terms of different substantive topics.

These range from neuroscientific investigations of children’s learning to sociological research on educational inequalities, or historical inquiries into the development of particular educational policies, or practitioner research on leadership or on classroom disruption.

A range of different topics that would come under that umbrella-heading of educational research but it’s also diverse because there are many different methods that people use to do educational research. There are different sources of data that they can employ, for example, interviews or observation, documents as well as on online materials.

But also underpinning the use of those different methods are some different assumptions that researchers make about how you understand educational phenomena and even about the nature of education and social phenomena more generally. And those assumptions will shape the decisions that researchers make about how they will go about their research. Now, it’s not possible to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the field of educational research but that’s not necessary for you to do your research.

What is necessary is that you get some sense of the variation within it, particularly as regards methods and methodological assumptions. Not least so that you can decide what would be the best approach for your research, but also because in writing up your research you will need to like locate what you’re doing in relation to the field.

So the starting point has got to be your particular research topic, your area of interest, and how you plan to investigate it. And in relation to that, you need to think about whether, while your research topic is important, in what way it’s a fruitful topic, you’ve also got to think about how clear your research questions are. Part of the task of during research actually is to clarify what it is you’re investigating.

You also need to think about whether there are any questionable assumptions built into your research topic and one way to try to elicit those is to talk to people about your research topic. You may well find that they have a different point of view, and that might throw up some questions that you haven’t thought of that you need to consider. You also need to think about how viable the investigation is.

Is it possible to do this to research, this topic, with the resources and time that you have available? And of course, you also have to decide which methods, which sources of data, will provide you with a basis for trying to answer the questions that you’re addressing. In relation to that, the donat assumes that there is only one appropriate method. Think about what different methods you could use and what would be their advantages and disadvantages.

It’s easy to leap to a decision that obviously this method would be the best one when actually sometimes it would be worth giving that a bit more thought because you’ll find that there are that there’san alternative that might actually be more productive. So it’s important to try and get a clearer sense of what it is your doing but don’t assume that you can get that straight away. It’s something which takes time and it can necessarily be forced either. You can’t just sit down and say right now I’m going to decide how to do my research.

It’s something that comes through a process of thinking, and even actually you will find that you are still clarifying and developing your ideas about what it is you’ reinvestigating when you’re collecting data, and even when you’ redoing the analysis. Indeed you may find that even your topic of investigation changes over time, or at least you come to see it in a different way. The aim of any research is to add to collective knowledge. It’s not simply to produce conclusions that are of interest to you.

They should be of interest to other people as well. You will find actually the things that you’ve reinterested in other people are interested in too, but what you want to do is to add to the existing body of knowledge about that topic. So that’s why you need to look at the existing literature to see what research has already been done, to see what gap there is that your research could fill.

As I said earlier one of the things that’s important, one of the reasons why you need to know about the nature of educational research, is in writing up your research you need to be able to locate what you are doing in relation to what other people have done.

Issues of Educational Research.

Now, as part of doing that you may well need to address some of the fundamental issues about which educational researchers disagree. Issues like the use of quantitative methods or qualitative methods or mixed methods. And there’s a great debate about which of these are superior, or whether they’re complementary or how we should deploy them.

Another top topic where there’s a lot of disagreement is the role of theory, What role should theory play in relation to research? Another one would be the relationship between research and policy and practice. What is the nature of the linkage there? What role do you see your research playing? So those are topics that you need to think, you may need to think about. But they’re topics that are debated within the literature, so you need to know something about what the arguments are, the different sides, so you need to be aware of the areas of possible disagreement amongst educational researchers that are directly relevant to your research topic.

I hope you find this advice helpful and I wish you all the very best with your research

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