June 14, 2021

Feminism in Pakistan in Reality.

I read before some days that “mostly our girls die at the age of 20 but buried in the age of 80.” I can understand the feelings who wrote it.

Feminism in Pakistan has always portrayed wrongly not only Pakistan but all in the Muslim World.

Feminism in Pakistan

There is a common thought that women are not treated well in Pakistan. Why this thought developed we will try to find the answer to this why.

Women are not treated in Pakistan Mostly

Why the women are not treated well in Pakistan.

this statement is right but not much. according to the census of 2017. The total population of Pakistan stands at 207,774,520. percentage-wise, men form 51%, women 48.76%, and transgenders 0.24% of the total population of Pakistan.

more than 63% of people are poor or below poor. only 5 % of the people are rich. and the rest of all belong to the middle class lower middle class and upper-middle class.An average woman of Pakistan give birth six children and by this a family size is consist of eight members.


The rate of working women in Pakistan is 20% and about 20% of women are informal workers as domestic helpers and work from home as sewing, embroidery, and others, The works which have not any legal protection. By this only, 40 % of women are earning hand and 60% of women are dependent.

feminisim in Pakistan

A family consist of eight members in Pakistan . The main challenge is poor economic condition. Our 63% people have not enough food, enough sources of education, not basic facilities. It means that 63% people are poor they all are suffering, not only women . Men also in pitiable condition. they have to earn their livelihood in a dificult way on daily wages or hard work.If after a long time hard work one have not earn food for his family and basic needs . Then He became A person of no principles.Then we cannot expect moral values from him. All his anxiety and frustration have to bear weak creature (Woman and Children).

Poor families face brutality of Men

If a poor woman work formaly and informaly it is seen she lives a better life.atleast she become independent financialy.She become more confident and  well-informed.so a working woman rarely have to face domestic violations

Women of Middle Class.

In middle class the women are not in good condition . I always say for them that they are using and burning from both ends.

Woman from middle class

Usually she have to perform many many duties.An educated woman have to earn she have to perform all household duties which a woman perform in 24 hours and she perform in few hours. she is also chained in tradions and many Compulsions. a woman has limited freedom.

Educated working women

Pakistan is a south-Asian country before talking about the status of women in Pakistan we should also know about the status of women in the other SouthAsian religions.

Status of Women in Hindus.

Hinduism is a predominantly male dominated religion. Women play a secondary role. Women have the lower status in Hindus. Even if Husband Died . They also burn his alive wife with his husband. Thre are no rights of women in their religion.

Saati Ritual in Hinduism

Jayaram V Says.

Her father protects (her) in childhood, her husband protects (her) in youth, and her sons protect (her) in old age; a woman is never fit for independence.

Position of Women in Islam.

Islam gave equal rights to the women.

In Islam, there is absolutely no difference between men and
women as far as their relationship to Allah are concerned, as
both are promised the same reward for good conduct and the
same punishment for evil conduct. The Qur’an says:# “And for
ladies are rights over men similar to those of men over

Ladies have right in the property of fathers, women have a share of husband’s property. She has also the right in the property of her son.

I do not know why ignorant people spread poison about Islam. Islam is the religion which gave the status to the women. If Hijab and Parda are obligatory that is also for the protection of the women . Islam wants to save women even from evils. Hijab is no barrier in the progress, its safeguard.

Education is obligatory for women.

Influence of Hinduism

Pakistan came into being on 1947.before it, this area was under the British rule. No doubt it was subcontinent. People of any religions were living there Hindus were in Majority, and Muslims Sikh, Christians, Bathmat was also living there Muslims and Hindus lived together about 950 years. It’s a very long period. Being a Majority The Hindus were dominated in society. They have many things which adopted other people of society.

Even in the subcontinent, The real Islamic scholars were very rare. Mostly there were planted Molvis. These Molvis destroyed the real face of Islam. Education is must for every Muslim. But they strictly kept away girls from getting education even they tried to keep away boys from education. They added many wrong things in Islam. There is only Hijab in Islam but they added the parda of the face and even covered hands and feet.

Unfortunately in Pakistan, society is under the influence of Hinduism, and these planted molvis . These molvis are so rigid for their own rules which Islam has no connection.

There is not any concept of joint family in Islam But they adopted such things from Hinduism.

Movement in 2019 ” Mera Jism Meri Marzi.”

the feminist movement in Pakistan

A slogan also aroused in 2019 ” Mera Jism Meri Marzi.” rubbish started by few people .its really condemnable. We condemn it not because we are rigid. but we are not ignorant. We believe this body belongs to Allah and the rules for the body are also of Allah.

Conclusion of Feminism in Pakistan.

Poor women usually face the worst brutality

The condition of women is not good in Pakistan.Its worst in Balochistan and tribal areas of KPK and also in some areas of Punjab and Sindh. Even all the areas where the education rate in women is low their exploitation of women is at a high rate. In those areas, the women are in terrible circumstances.

Ignorance, poverty low-income sources, no health facilities are their fate. Even in poor class our men also in not good condition but they are dominant to the women. Women live with them forcefully for the sake of children.

The condition of women is not due to that they are Muslims. The reason is they are away from real Islam. They do not know their own rights.

educated women are rising

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  1. It is very interesting and very much analyzed study..
    The basic thing is lack of understanding in men in various aspects, not only in Pakistan but in India also..
    Poorty is also a big reason for that…..

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