February 27, 2021

Message of The incident of Karbala

Today is 10th Muharram Ul Harram. This day have an importance in Islamic history . Hazrat Muhammad (S A W ) always became sad in this month. He gave great stress on ibadat(Prayer) in this month.

Hazrat Muhammad (S A W ) said.

The best of fasting after Ramadan is fasting Allah’s month of Muharram.”

Hazrat Muhammad (S A W ) usually observe fasting during this month.

This day is also witnessed of the worst incident of the Shahadat (death) of Hazrat Imam Hussain and his companions.They all were brutally killed in the battle of Karbala.

Hazrat Imam Hussain knew that he will be killed. But he didnot opposed Yaseed and his army with force . If he announced in Madina as he is going for a war is it possible a single man stayed away . But he want to gave a lesson to the people that no matter your strength, no matter of force, no matter materialism only the firm faith needed.

The Battle of Karbala and hazrat Imam Hussain

The Battle of Karbala held a strong message, and even after 13 centuries, it is still being followed. The message will continue to hold its relevance despite the strong state persecution and failed attempts of complicating our faith and create a divide among the Muslim nation.

This incident left a strong message to the people of the world of every era .The water was turned off from 7th Muharram Ul Harram , There were ladies and children in the huts desert of karbala was too hot. They all were thirsty from three days they were only 72 . no armed , they had not even a sip of water . But If you see all the history you will never see Hazrat Imam Hussain requested for water or food . He was Hussain Ibn e Ali son of Haider e karar not an ordinary Muslim. His companions also consisted on his family members his brother, his wives,his children, his sister,his nephews, and daughter. They all were the jewels.Everyone was saturated with the strength of Iman .

He did not requested water . if he wanted anything it was the companionship. it did not mean that he needed force it was also an effort to save the Iman of People. So I think there should also a sabeel of his companions for Hazrat Imam Hussain

Hurr Bin Yazeed was the chief of the army of Yazeed . He was a famous Wrestler of Koofa at the night of ninth Muharram ul Harram he was in conflict there was also a war in him between his faith and duty. When he tried to stop Hazrat Imam Hussain and said him to go back Madina . Hazrat Imam Hussain said. Hurr I pray your mother morn on you .Then Hazrat Hurr replied gentely i cannot say back these words to you, Because your Mother is” Princess of Jannat ” Hazrat Bibi Fatima.

To hear these words from Hazrat Hurr Hazrat Imam Hussain found a ray of iman in him at the time of prayer Hazrat Imam Hussain again tested his faith and asked him “it is the time of salat do you pray seperate or with us “. Hazrat Hurr replied that If you are Imam how one can offer his prayer alone. Hurr bin Yazeed was the single person of the Yazeed force who was in strange condition of conflict. After a inner war he apologized from Hazrat imam Hussain and requested him For the Pray Allah forgive him . Hazrat Hurr his son and his slave left the force of Yazeed and became the part of Lashkar e Hussaini . All knew very well they will be killed next morning how only 72 people consisted ladies slaves and children can oppose an armed force . so they all be killed by the yazeedi force. It was order to the force to seperate the heads from the bodied and crush the bodies under the feet of Horses

Sabeel of 10th Muharram Ul Harram

we see many Sabeels on this day in every corner . we see many people distribute food and juices. But the should also be a sabeel of his message the real purpose of his sacrifices.His teachings also be distributed. We should distribute the firm faith

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