February 27, 2021

Hazrat Imam Hussain (A S )

Hussain Ibn e Ali is called syed ul Shuhda.He was son of Hazrat Fatima (RA) the Beloved Daughter of Hazar Muhammad( SAW) and his father was Haider e karar Hazrat Ali(RA)

Birth of Imam Hussain (RA)

Hazrat Imam Hussain was the younger son of Hazrat Fatima he was born 3rd Shaaban 4 AH at Madina. He was very dear to Hazrat Muhammad (S A W ) Once Hazrat Muhammad (S A W ) was praying Salat ul Asar in Masjid e Nabvi when he was in the state of sajda Hazrat Imam Hussain rode on His back even Hazrat Muhammad (S A W ) recited tasbeh e Sajda 72 times .then Hazrat Imam Hussain climb down . and Hazrat Muhammad proceeded his rest salat . This incident shows the great love of Hazrat Muhammad (S A W )
Hazrat Muhammad (S A W ) said
“Hussain is from me, and I am from Hussain. May Allah love those who love Hussain.”

Birth and great love of Hazrat Muhammad (S A W ) with Imam Hussain (A S)

Battle of Karbala Imam Hussain

Hazrat Imam brought up by Hazrat Fatima and Hazrat Ali led a very noble respectable and pious life. Just after The fifty years of the death of Hazrat Muhammad (S A W) there were many evils prevailed in society . Even Hazrat Imam Hussain took a stand against these evils and refused accept the caliph-ship of Yazeed .Yazeed was feared and hated for his ruthlessness, Hussain was loved and respected by society. Yazeed realised this, and understood that if he could convince Hussain to support him, the people would too.

Hussain had a choice. To support the Yazeed and live a life filled with luxury, or to refuse and certain be killed for his decision. simple. Hussain refused. He said “I only desire to spread good values and stop evil”

Shahadat hazrat Imam Hussain

After receiving the final ultimatum from Yazeed, Hussain realised he would be killed

Hussain gathered his companions and urged them to escape. He explained that it was him who Yazeed wished to kill, and not them. Even his companions were deprived from water in the burning hot desert there were children and ladies also in his companions but the all were filled with the strength of faith . they didnot left him alone till death

“Hussain o minni wa ana minal Hussain” 

Despite this, Hussain’s companion stayed loyal to him and stayed true to their principles. Within a few days Yazeed ordered his army to kill Hussain and his companions. When the dust settled, Hussain and his companions were killed. Throughout the forces of Yazeed promised him he could leave freely if he chooses to support Yazeed, but every time Hussain refused and was eventually killed, holding firmly to his principles. Hussain saved the religion of Islam showed the followers of his grandfather never bow before of evil.Hussain’s example is that one man can stand against an army .He was killed by the force in the Karbala

After his shahadat, Hussain’s family were taken captive. His sister, Zainab, took up the role of leadership and gave an inspiring speech in Yazid’s palace, condemning his actions and his style of leadership.
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Zainab was one of the first to be inspired by Hussain’s stand and his principles. Despite the sexism that existed in society at the time, she refused to be silent

All the Muslims from all over the world pay homage to Hussain for his stand and mourn his death. Even not only Muslims all the sensible people appreciate his sacrifices. People from all around the world visit the grave of Hussain in Karbala to pay their respects.

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