June 14, 2021

The Exploitation of Teachers.

I am a teacher I am very much proud of being a teacher. It is the sunnah of my prophet Muhammad (SAW). not any other profession is its parallel. I worked as a teacher on about all platforms playgroup to university level. my students became now great doctors, engineers, pilots, and officers of different departments. I always feel very much proud when I see them successful.

              Last night I watched a video on social media it was a Turkish airline a pilot saw his teacher was traveling in the plane he ordered the staff to present a surprise bouquet to his teacher .and announced in the airline I am very happy today my teacher is traveling with us in the plane who made me successful.it was a very emotional scene the teacher was crying bitterly. I think every teacher can understand his feelings .the tears of happiness made emotional all the passengers of the plane.no one can give return to his parents and teachers .that is the reason the Allah Almighty gave a high place to teachers in Islam……

              History is witnessed never a nation can be survived without a good teacher. Malaysia is its good example it became an Asian tiger when they facilitate their teachers . A hungry deprived nation builder cannot build an exemplary nation. 

Ashfaq Ahmed is one of the greatest personalities of Pakistan. He was a writer, playwright, broadcaster in Pakistan. He has written and posted many books . He was a younger professor in Rome University. He shares that one summer time day he used to be coming returned from university. It used to be sunny afternoon, he took a shortcut on street which violated a visitors law. There a police officer fined him.For some reasons he could ot pay it in time and he received summons from court . As he had no different choice, he went to the courtroom even though he was once very an awful lot scared.

There he was standing in the balustrade of court. He shared that he had thought of the use of the unaware foreigner card in his defense. The judge behaviour was insulting and he was asking why he did not submit fine.

then, Ashfaq Ahmed embarrassingly, instructed him that he is a teacher, a professor at Rome University, and proper at the second came about that virtually careworn Afshaq Ahmed which he couldn’t overlook his total life.

Judge stood up and declaimed that there is a teacher in the courtroom and every person stood up together with the consisting of the faculty, police officers, and all . Then the complete manner of choice changed. He ordered to carry a chair for Ashfaq Ahmed in the balustrade He said politely

It is a very painful event for a decide that a teacher be trialed in the balustrade of his court. So, with the intense of shame, grief and sadness, we are doubling the fine” stated the judge.

Ashfaq Ahmed says that he himself was very ashamed and anxious about what had started out and simply desired to get out of there. Ashfaq Ahmed Said that day He knew the secret of their progress. They respect the teacher and they know the real worth of education.

           We are Muslims but do not follow the real soul of Islam .our rulers are unaware of even the importance of the education sector. That is the reason there are no rules and no security to the teachers .today PEF School partners called a hunger strike at Lahore .against the cruelty and ineligibility of education minister. 

             But it’s very shameful, It will be written in history teachers of Pakistan have to go on roads on a hunger strike .for their rights and to secure the future of their students. The future of 2.4 million students in Punjab is in danger.

           We are being respected by our students on the other side we have to work without salaries for months. Kindly pray for us .and teachers in Pakistan are really deprived favor us otherwise we will be crushed under the feet of cruel rules. Its question of 2.4 million students. 

       There are tears in my eyes at the moment. I know we will be silenced by force. But on the Day of Resurrection, you and our students must testify that we worked tirelessly to save the future of our homeland

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