February 23, 2021

Angel On the Earth. (Children)

Innocent student

  The ratio of divorce is increasing. The break up of family affects those who are absolutely innocent. Usually, parents destroy their children for their egos. Why the parents do not scarify their ego for their children 
          I am running a school in a remote area for two years, there was not any other school in that area. Most parents are uneducated and careless about the study of their children. So we have to be very alert and in touch with the students individually.   

My Little Friend. 

One day  I was rechecking the notebooks. Suddenly I was shocked to see a notebook. I was turning the pages from behind. There was a difference. It was the notebook of Hussnain Abbas.

Naughty Children.

                 Hussnain was the most naughty student in the class.  He was five years old. Always create disturbances for teachers and other class fellows. He was naughty but not bad in studies. But his performances of this week disappointed me.
                     After some time the bell rang and recess started. That day I also went out and watching the playing children. I noted Hussnain Abbas was standing lonely. He was not playing. I held his hand and said will you play with me I have no friends there. He smiled at this and came with me. 

Playing Children

                    After Sometime We both Sat on a Bench, I Gave him a bar of Chocolates which he accepted happily, then he started talking with me without any fear or hesitation. After the break, I called his teacher & enquired about the ill mood & cause of loneliness of the said boy.

The teacher said that his parents had a quarrel at home the other day & his mother had left home for a couple of days. The next day I called Hussnain in my office to share his views on the said incident.
He innocently told me that being a true friend of his can you help me out in bringing back my mother home, and then he cried & cried, I hugged him, Wiped his tears & agreed in bringing his mother back home but at the same time, I got sorry with myself that I should not have made a false promise with him.
I didn’t attend my school for three consecutive days due to my bad health, and when I again joined my duties I was Surprised to see Hussnain was happy & in a Jolly mood as ever.

He met me with a charming mood. He kissed my hand, thanked me for every help & said madam, my mother is back home. she had promised that she would never leave home again. Hussain gave me a toffee.
I was dejected & ashamed of myself of the broken promise. but at the same time felt satisfied & happy to see my little friend joining his family esp.his mother again………………………….

My little friend

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