June 14, 2021


I used to go to Islamabad University every week. So I had to travel alone. It was a cold December day and I left home at 6:30 in the morning.
                I reached Islamabad at 11:00 Am. My class started at 11:30. I was afraid I would be late to go to the class. so I ran to University. The classes lasted up to 4:00pm, and then I came to Metro station near the university and by the metro line, I reached on Skyways stop I took the ticket, The Bus had to leave at 5:30pm. I well remembered that I did not eat anything since morning so I bought some juices and snacks and came to the waiting room after getting fresh I enjoyed the snacks and juices. There were few people in the waiting room.
A lady was also sitting in the waiting room on my next. she was also alone I offered her snacks and juices but she refused politely. I had to kill time so I tried to start talking with the lady I wanted to sit near her but her behavior was strange as she spoke I felt her voice was masculine.

After a few minutes, I felt she is transgender so I asked her what you are? she said I am a lawyer working with an NGO for the welfare of transgenders and came to Islamabad to see her clients. Now I was sure she is a transgender. I was scared at the start but after some time I did feel comfortable with her.
She talked to me for a long time. When I asked about her she told that her father is a rich man. She belongs to a very respectable family at the time of birth all were happy as there was a baby boy born. He was the fourth in the house so everyone loved him very much but when she was in class 6th her mother felt that she is not a normal boy. My mother felt that my habits were similar to those of girls. She took interest in ladies always befriended girls she had not any boyfriend. She liked to play with dolls
When my father found out about my habits, he beat me a lot she said one day her mother was busy with household chores and she went in her room wore her dupatta and did a lot of makeup. At that time her father came into the room saw him in that dress. It all made him furious and he beat him madly at that time he was eleven years old. He kicked him out of the house. When her mother tried to resist, her father angrily stopped her.

At the age of eleven, he wandered the on roads for three days and nights He was hungry and thirsty. Then he met a transgender he took with him then he started living with him there were many other transgenders .they earn bread by singing and dancing so he had to do the dance with him on functions. He said he was not good in dance so here he was also beaten by his guru. But his guru also loved him. One day he said to his guru I want to go to school he doesn’t like to dance. His guru said none of the schools give admission to a transgender all the people hate with us, so we had to earn bread in this way. There is no job for transgender no one respects us. I was very grateful for my guru he gave me shelter when my own father had kicked out me.

He always thought that father had kicked me out in anger, now he must feel sorry about this. One day he was dancing in a function there was also his elder brother and father. He was excited to see them after a long time. He tried to go and meet them. But his father said I have only one son who is with him who are you I don’t recognize you. The hate was still in his eyes that moment broke me internally. He cried all night. Than guru told him here we all have parents and siblings, but they do not own us so we have to live away from them. They never recognize us .our own blood relations feel hesitation to introduce us as their own.

One day he went to Lahore to see his transgender friend here her friend told him as he is working in an NGO it is run by a lady this NGO works for the rights of transgender My friend introduced me to the lady. She was really a nice sober lady she told that she also gave birth a transgender and at that time her husband refused to own the child. They gave the baby to the transgenders she always wept for her child after the death of her husband she tried to find her child but could not, now she devoted her life for transgenders she opened school and college for them she also gives them medical facilities now she is trying for the health and education rights of them she also offered me for study.
I took admission in the 7th standard I was good at studies after matriculation I did F.Sc and than B.Sc but the lady wants to see me as a lawyer she always said me you have to fight for the rights of transgenders so got admission in LLB. I was good at studies so many students became my friends now teachers also liked me. That time I realized one thing only our success lessen the hate of the people for us. now I am a successful lawyer and working for the rights of transgenders.

I was already inspired by her this all makes him more loveable .that time there was announced that the road line of Lahore was ready for traveling she put her bag on shoulder and said me goodbye. I was only seeing her as she slapped me I could not utter a word. How we read and write the love of parents for children. An animal also loves its young ones and is the human worse than animals. why sometimes we be so cruel. How can we oppress our own children in order to be respected among the people?
We are very bad people, we betray our own people our own blood. I kept thinking about it all the way. I still get embarrassed when I remember her.

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