May 17, 2021

The Golden Time Period Childhood

                             Childhood is a strange period of life. Most people remember this time. and it is called the golden age of life. They say that is is the period of life free of worries and responsibilities. It is spent with parents and siblings. Children make friends and enjoy themselves in different ways by playing by studying and sometimes quarreling. But all the memories of childhood saved in the memory and make one happy or sad by remembering them for the rest of life.

Is childhood really sweet?

is childhood really memorable and sweet? I think the answer is it may be memorable but not always sweet. who robbed the childhood of Syrian children? Are the children of Kashmir, Syria, Burma, and Palestine not human. Their childhood is full of bitterness and thorns .no doubt their childhood is memorable but not with sweet memories. Children are always very sensitive.

Children of Afghanistan.

I also had a very bitter childhood memory I was a little child of a few years there was a war in Palestine and I could not stand seeing the clips in news all that. I used to tell my mother do not on the TV at 9.00pm. Whenever I saw any clip of war it had an effect on me until the days. My mom always used to ask me to pray she said there are also children like you so only pray for them.about forty years have been passed but I still do not forget that clips of the news bulletins. so this time is not always sweet.


Can we go back to our childhood?

                                              I think yes we can go back to that time period. we spend this time in our minor age but we enjoy it with our children.

Golden time period

                      I become a child with my children. I feel their sorrows when I see their tears.  I became happy if they laugh. if they fell down I feel their pain. I promote their hobbies and interests. I try to provide them which they like. I try to feed them their favorite food I feel proud of their success. I enjoy their innocence their mischievous  I think I am now enjoying my childhood with them. I did not leave behind my childhood it is with me in the form of my children. These are the golden days of the life of every parent which they spend with their children

Good Childhood

               This golden period consists of few years but prevails in all of our life. These few years are very important we learn everything in the age of innocence.personality develops in this age, at this age, we learn what is good or what is bad. The very sensitive time of age can be spoiled by hardly handling. 

Childhood memories.

                         If we talk about the children of broken families or the children lost their parents. . They bring up in a different environment. Their personalities have some diminished. sometimes the children adopt some unfair means to overcome this deficiency and Usually, these children upset the balance of society.

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