February 23, 2021
Child Abuses

Child Abuses.Save Children Save Future

The children are the real flowers of Allah’s garden. The most beautiful and precious gift of Allah Almighty. Any home is desert without this blessing. If someone tries to crush this beauty and destroy their innocence is called child abuses.

Every physical and mental torture or sexual harassment is not acceptable in any society and in any religion. This is a very painful issue rarely people dare to talk on this issue. Sexual aggression against children is now becoming a global issue.children are the future of any society now question is that how we can save children to be exploited? 

child abuses

                Michel Foucault, a famous French philosopher, argued that evil is a mirror image of society. Child abuses is one of

. A child who gets abused does not only go through physical and emotional trauma but also develops negative characteristics. Destruction of the personality can be harmful to the other people of society, and the balance of the society can be destroyed. 
                  In an Islamic society, there is no place of child abuse but unfortunately, the real soul and teachings of Islam have been forgotten now Islam is only for the name not practically. 
In Asia, India is no 1 in ranking sexual harassment and child abuse.  According to a survey in Pakistan  2018, there were 10 cases of child abuse every day and also cleared that it is increasing 11 % every year. approximately 200 million of the world’s children experiencing sexual violence each year,

child abuses
But now the question is that who is perpetrators? Mostly it is observed that It is committed to the closest relatives uncles cousins and other relatives.
      before some days there was another case filed a husband threw acid on his wife’s face .when the reason was inquired by the victim lady. She said her husband commit sin with his seven year’s daughter, so being a mother she tried to protect the daughter and her husband did this in anger. If a real father can be a beast then how the other relatives can be trusted, mostly the near relatives involved in this sin.

child abuses

               According to an estimated survey, every one of three girls and every one of the five boys became the prey of child abuse. If we say the reason for such sin is late marriages, then why married persons do this sin. I am sure this is some psychological disorder.

If we say its due to ignorance than why sometimes highly qualified teachers and qaris commit this sin. Usually in madrassas the qaris sexually harras their students or physically torture them brutally. Even many times they beat them inhumanly and children lost their lives or became paralyzed. Even very young children are no longer safe,
         In a report by  Joanne Lu she claimed Britain is the safest for children and Pakistan is the least safe country. I do not know how she claimed it? South Africa and India are the highest-rated countries against child abuse.
the best environment for children, the top ten countries on the index were all high-income. U.K., Sweden, Canada, Australia, United States, Germany, South Korea, Italy, France, and Japan.

These Countries are classified by the World Bank as high-income countries and the violence against children in the countries is respectively low, so according to the report. There is a connection between poverty or low income and child abuse. Maybe the out of school children or child labor is its biggest cause. 

crime against children.

How can it be controlled?

  1.            Never trust in any relation, even dear relatives do not leave your child with them alone.
  2. Mothers should be very careful about their daughters, So creat friendly relations with them, so they don’t feel hesitant to share anything with you. 
  3. Never trust your servants and don’t leave your children with them alone even an old servant.
  4.  We should keep a check on our media, to show the real picture of Islam. The state should ban such programs that promote a different culture.
  5.    There should be strict international laws against child abuse.

Kindly give your comments and raise your voice with me for children. with a slogan
   Save children save the future.

save children save future

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