June 14, 2021

East or West Pakistan is the Best

Before few years I got a chance to visit abroad. I will not name the country here. Because I still love the country and would like to visit it again and again. It was the month of May the temperature was more than 45C. We had to buy things from a shop. I asked the shopkeeper for water I asked in English but he replied in Urdu(it’s my language). Madam, here you can get everything except water.

If you want the water you have to pay for it. I said to him to charge it in the total bill and give us water he gave me a half-liter water bottle and charged sixty-two rupees Pakistani. I paid, But it all seemed so bad and weird to me.

One day we were in Islamabad. We had to go to the market to shop. I was with one of my friends. We were going to Sunday Bazar Of Islamabad G9. It is a posh area.
All the way, my friend kept telling me that Pakistan was not good now she wants to settle in UAE. I was annoyed by her words. As we have gone beyond the boundaries of the market. I hit upon an idea My little daughter was also with us. There was a plants nursery on a distance

I said to her, “let’s come with me, I want to show you something. We entered in the plant’s Nursery
There were some employees. I asked one of them can you give me some water for my daughter. She is sick. He ran and got a chair for my daughter. The shop owner reprimanded him for only one chair. The employee brought chairs for me and my friend. My friend was surprised and whispered. What you are doing why you came here? The employee brought a jug of cold water and glasses.

The employee told us that the owner of the shop said to arrange a big cooler of cold water on Sunday. So that passers-by can drink water here. The owner of the shop gave a box of juice and a packet of biscuits to my daughter. When I tried to refuse he said, Madam children are all the same, She is like my daughter and she is sick also. Now he asked If we have a car or asked the employee to bring a taxi for you. We thanked them and returned from the nursery. Now my friend was very embarrassed. I wanted to tell her about the difference between our own people and others.
I said to her they did not know us but they gave us not only water also juice and biscuit to my daughter. they gave us chairs. we did not buy anything from them but they respected us as we are their old clients. It’s my homeland their people are not so rich but hospitable.

They feel the pain of others. They are our own people We cannot live as citizens of another country. We must serve our own people. May Allah keep our homeland inhabited and free forever. Ameen

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