February 27, 2021


Pakistani Flag

Pakistan is situated in South Asia. Its official name is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.Its a Muslim state and the single state after Madina which is established on the name of Islam. Pakistan came into being on 14th August 1947

Provinces of Pakistan

Pakistan has four provinces Punjab is the biggest province by population and Balochistan is the biggest by area. Allah granted Pakistan unparalleled beauty. Its deserts its lush green lands its high sky-touching mountains its beautiful rivers are amazing Pakistan is an agricultural country more then 70% population is earning from agriculture.that is the reason Pakistan has the world’s largest canal system. Its main crop is wheat maize rice sugarcane, chickpeas, mangoes, Gava, Oranges, and many other things, Pakistan is growing the best cotton and jute crops. Pakistan is manufacturing the world’s best cotton cloth.

Languages of Pakistan

Urdu is its national language but many other languages are also spoken. Punjabi is the language of 52% population.which is speaking in different tones like Saraiki, Potohari, and Hindko. Beside Punjabi Balochi, Pushto, Sindhi, Brohi, and Persian are also spoken. English is its official language

Religion Of Pakistan

Most people are Muslims and there are some other religions also like Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, and buddha. It has four provinces but a big part of Kashmir is still under the oppressive control of India. Kashmir is a Muslim state where they are forced under the brutal control of India. India has put an end to atrocities in Kashmir. India put them under lockdown from 5th August 2019. there was no internet or any communication service .not any journalist can go there. they cannot move. they cannot earn their livelihood they are punished because they are Muslims. They are killed for no reason.

Wheat is the major crop of Pakistan.

History Of Pakistan

Islam came in Indo Pak by Muhammad bin Qasim and his soldiers. Before the people were ignorant and wrong believers they had many gods they worshiped every strong creature like a lion, snake, Mountains, rain, and many others. They had the wrong cast and creed system. low cate people were not allowed for the education they could not even enter their worship places, Islam gave them the light of knowledge and a strong belief in Allah. Islam has not cast and creed system all people are equal in Islam everyone can say the prayer in the same place. to see this equality many idol worshippers accepted Islam. Islam spread rapidly in this area. The Muslims ruled 800 years in this area. after Muslims, the British ruled in this area for 150 years. the Hindus lived under the rules of Muslims and British after British the Hindus wanted to get dominating position so they were against the Pakistan resolution. They raise a slogan of Akhand Bharat. But the Muslims wanted a separate homeland where they can apply Islamic rules to a real Islamic state. Muslims league got 90% seats in 1946 plebiscite.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan gave the two-nation theory. He said Our dresses our language our culture our traditions our living style our food habits are entirely changed from Hindus. We eat the meat of cows and worship it how can we live in the same place

. Quaid e Azam said

Pakistan came into being on the day when the first Muslim came in the Indo Pak. History cannot deny the injustice distribution of the two countries. the undeveloped areas became the part of Pakistan.

The history is witness, The worst catastrophe of humanity the most miserable condition of the Muslims the injustice and brutal behaviors of Hindus in Hyderabad Dakan with Muslims. History cannot deny the injustice distribution of assets, and debts. India thought Pakistan is a small country that will not be survived India attacked Pakistan in 1948, in 1965, in 1971, and in 1999 on Kargil. India always creates hurdles for Pakistan from start. But Pakistan became Atomic power. The people of Pakistan are very brave they can sacrifices everything for their country.

Today is the 73rd independence day of Pakistan. Live Long My Love My homeland my Pakistan.

Let all of us Pakistanis take an oath on this Independence Day to make our country the best one in the future world.

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